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Nutritionals for Original ORIGINAL Gourmet Granola
this is the only granola we made for the first nine years of business! It has walnuts, almonds and raisins as well as our blend of grains and seeds, making a very well balanced granola.
CRANBERRY Gourmet Granola
our first even fancier granola, with as many dried cranberries and currants as we dare use (before their moisture risks making the rest of the ingredients lose their crispness), and loads of whole almonds. Very tasty.
Nutritionals for Cranberry
Nutritionals for Oil-free OIL-FREE Gourmet Granola
we use the dried fruit, formerly known as prunes, in our oil-free to make a different style of granola. Pureed, they give it a very chunky texture, which is unusual for a granola without oil. We still have the ingredients that make granola good, like walnuts and almonds, just in a little lighter quantity. The dried fruit still known as raisins are in there too.
GINGER PECAN Gourmet Granola
lots of pecans and dried apple with a bit of a dark edge from molasses and spices make Ginger Pecan a satisfying treat. Despite it's wintry sound, it's great any time of year - my current favorite!
Nutritionals for Ginger Pecan
Our granolas are semi-perishable. We recommend you reseal the bag and store them in a cool place to maintain maximum freshness.
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